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What is Dergi Platform?

What are we doing?

Dergi Platform for academic journals published anywhere in the world, in Turkey or in electronic media hosting and management services offering editorial process.

The main services offered with the Magazine Platform are:

  • All processes are executed automatically by the system.
  • It has an easy to use interface.
  • Users and referees are informed about the broadcast status via regular e-mail and sms .
  • Advanced statistics such as individual and regional (city-based) downloads and readings of articles are provided by the system.
  • You can use the system from ready-made designs or with an  tailored interface  .
  • Articles uploaded to the system can be submitted to the similarity test automatically via .
  • Articles published for journals scanned in SOBİAD can be indexed directly through the SOBIAD - Citation Index .
  • There is a messaging module between authors and editors within the system.
  • You can get DOI service directly from the system without any intermediaries.

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With the Dergi Platform, we improve and speed up the journal referee and publication processes with dozens of unique and new features. We simplify the burden of editors and speed up processes as never before.

With the introduction and usage video on the left, you can see how practical the system is and you can easily learn the usage of the system with the video user guide we prepared for all operations.